Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal: Collecting points Premier League game

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Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal: Collecting points after the Premier League game, “The Gunners” cheerfully attack and defeat the Red Devils, fighting for the championship until the final match.

• Arsenal pick up three important points to stay top of the table fighting for the championship until the final match next week.

• William Saliba won Man of the Match. Manchester United, under Erik ten Hag, continues to put together an unforgettable record.

United perform better than expected.

expecting Arsenal to win ”easily” and predicting that the Gunners would invade and attack Manchester. Manchester United 5-1.

Not a good game for Arsenal, but job close

Pre-game statistics indicate that Arsenal beat Manchester United at Old Trafford in the Premier League. Just one game from the last 16 times they met.

”The Gunners” scored after Casemiro refused to check for offside in the first half. And many people expected that the score might flow.

But play and play It turned out that Mikel Arteta’s team was clearly tense and under pressure. Because they don’t want to miss out like last season.

After the game, Arteta said his team ”was not calm and lack consistency in the game”.
Even if it’s not their great game. But in terms of competition results It was a very valuable three points. and have a chance to win the championship with Manchester City until the final match of the season next week.

Ahmad should start more as a starter.

The 21-year-old winger started for Manchester United for the first time in 886 days, replacing Anthony who was dropped to the reserve.

He started the game well. Goes well with the ball. Try to cut inside, have speed, dare to dribble, dare to challenge the visiting team’s defenders.

Unlike Antoni who was given the opportunity to play as a starter many times. But unable to make much of a difference to the team Plus it’s not easy to feed yourself. And there’s no speed either.

The function of the wings Or a half-wing striker, simple, nothing complicated. When you are in the last area You have to create opportunities for your teammates to score goals. Must find a chance to score a goal. Must challenge competitors Must coordinate with teammates Must be breached when in the final area.

Unfortunately, Ahmad Diallo was substituted in the second half. The reason is that there is an injury problem.