Iniesta praises Xavi for doing everything for Barca

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Andres Iniesta expressed sympathy for his former teammate Xavi Hernandez, who is ready to do anything for his beloved club Barcelona.

Andres Iniesta, the legendary Barcelona midfielder praised his former teammate Xavi for saying. He is ready to do everything for the Azul Grana first. Including the decision to step down from the position of trainer at the end of this season. It is only in the best interests of the club. According to a report from ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport’ on Tuesday UFABET

‘I suffer with him. As a lover and as a friend Because I know how much he cares about being a Barcelona coach and how much he cares about this club. He puts incredible passion into it. And no one wants things to be better for him than he does.’

‘And he didn’t do it for himself or for personal fame. But because he loves the club It is clear that if he decides to resign It’s only for Barca’s benefit.’ Iniesta said.

When asked about the rise of young players such as 16-year-old forward Lamine Yamal and 17-year-old center Pau Gubarsi, Iniesta praised their great talent. But he urged the Azulgrana team to be careful in how they use their young players. Without putting too much pressure on the players.

‘On the one hand it’s very special that these young lads have broken into the first team and are playing so well. But on the other hand I think they are always the result of a specific context. The bad thing is I don’t think these young players should have to respond to Barca’s high demands.’