De La Fuente aims to recruit Athletic Bilbao player to Spain’s team.

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Unai Gomez and Benjat Prados, two midfielders from Athletic Bilbao have a chance of being called up to the Bulls’ team this month sport.

Luis de la Fuente, the 62-year-old trainer is monitoring the performance of Unai Gomez and Benñat Prados, two promising midfielders from Athletic Bilbao. Who are set to be called up to the Spanish national team at the end of the month. UFABET According to a report from Relebo last Tuesday.

Spain is scheduled to play two warm-up games against Colombia in London. England on March 22 before returning to play in Madrid to face Brazil on March 26. With De La Fuente aiming to call up several new players to join the Bulls’ team.

According to reports, de la Fuente is considering giving the No. 10 role to Oian Sancet, a 23-year-old midfielder from Athletic Bilbao. As well as Alex Baena, a 22-year-old midfielder from Villar. Real impressed in a 2-0 win over Scotland in October last year. And Baena has also done well for the team after providing 12 assists for his team-mates this season. 

However, the 62-year-old is considering two midfielders from Athletic Bilbao to join the Bulls. Especially 20-year-old midfielder Unai Gomez and 23-year-old midfielder Benjat Prados, who have stepped up to play a role. Important for the famous Basque team of trainer Ernesto Valverde. 

Due to the excellent performance of Unai Gomez and Benjat Prados. There is a chance that he will be called up to the Bulls for the first time. As well as Daniel Bibian, a 24-year-old center who is in line for a call-up as well.