Bruno hopes Sancho is more confident after returning to score

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Bruno hopes Sancho is more confident after returning to score.

Manchester United captain Bruno Fernandes said after the game. That he could only draw 2-2 at home to Leeds United in the Premier League.

“Red Devils” fell behind before two goals. Before accelerating. He got two goals in a row from Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho. The first goal of the English wing. After being away from the team for several months and Fernandez believes. That will be good for the confidence of his teammates.

“We need everyone to be ready. And get back on the pitch as much as possible Sancho is back today. And he gets a few chances in a game. That can do well. he scored a goal And hopefully it will increase his confidence in the future. Because we both know better than he is capable of. We need a very confident version of him to bring out his best.”

“It was disappointing in this game. That we lost two points at home. It was a pity that we had the chance to score the third goal in this game. And we missed it in the end. It may lack some luck in some situations. but it has passed And we have to look forward to the next game.

Manchester United have played 22 games, have 43 points, seven points behind leaders Arsenal and two points behind Manchester City. But have played two and one games more than the top two teams respectively.