Arsenal beats Manchester United to the top of the table.

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Arsenal beats Manchester United to the top of the table. Summary of last night’s Premier League football results, Sunday, May 12, with score table

Summary of last night’s football results Game week 37, English Premier League, season 2023/24.

English Premier League battle Last night there was 1 match, a big match between Manchester United. Who opened their home to welcome Arsenal. Who are vying for the championship. The first game they met at Emirates Stadium ended in a 3-1 victory for the Gunners last September.

Summary of Premier League football results last night, 12 May 2024.

Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal

(Trossar 20)

The game at Old Trafford, the home team fought against the visiting team very closely. But then in the 20th minute Leandro Trossar scored to give the visitors the lead. After that, the home team clearly had more ball possession and attacked, but Arsenal themselves focused on packing the game, closing down the central area, ufabet causing Manchester United to play only on the edge of the line. Plus, when he had the opportunity, he shot birds and fish and the score wasn’t sharp. In the end the 90 minutes ended with the Gunners narrowly winning 0-1.

Saliba ”Man of the Match”

The 23-year-old French national team defender continues to maintain his excellent form. He was named ”Man of the Match” in the game.

He got Carnacho under control in a one-on-one battle in the second half. The statistics after the game indicate.

He made a total of 6 clearances – the most. 4 tackles – most. Block an opponent’s shot 1 time.

Meanwhile, Mikel Arteta’s team after defeating the Red Devils resulted in their 27th victory in the Premier League this season. It is the most wins in a single season in their Premier League history.

Scoreboard after the end of the day

ratingteamNumber of gamesscoreGoal difference – lost
2Manchester City3685+58
4Aston Villa3667+20
8Manchester United3654-4
9West Ham3752-12