An earthquake from Manchester City that could shake Manchester United and Liverpool

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An earthquake from Manchester City that could shake Manchester United and Liverpool.

None of the big news in football right now is more exciting. Than last season’s Premier League champions Manchester City. Charge with breaching Financial Fair Play rules by ambush. Investigate the facts for more than 4 full years.

Three years ago, City only escaped a similar allegation by Uefa as they battled the origin of illegal evidence. The alleged documents are base on hacks by Rui Pinto.

But this time, the Premier League has gathered evidence. Conduct a secret investigation by itself for four full years, a period that overlaps with. When UEFA accused the Blues team and believed they would not. Certainly missed that there was a vulnerability in the past.

As a principle of the Financial Fair Play rules, clubs must handle their finances honestly. Club revenues and profits should come from sponsorship deals, stadium performance, ticket sales, souvenir sales, player sales. Or if you have the potential to earn money from other sources. You can do it, but it must be transparent in your account.

as well as expenditures, most of which are about club management fees. Including personnel Wages for coaches, staff and players, management fees for various utilities and the acquisition of new players to join the team. All of which must be clarified clearly and have their origins.

Therefore, about Manchester City’s accusations, it’s easy to say that they have a secret. There is a zigzag in spending. Trying to swap money or using Nominie to manipulate finances. Which happened over nine seasons, has led the Premier League to 115 charges.

The next step is to fight it before an independent panel set up by the Premier League. With the Manchester club looking to prove the allegations are untrue. In which, according to the latest movement, they hired the same lawyers. Who had previously made the team free from UEFA’s allegations, led by Lord David Pannick from the famous law firm Black Stone Chambers.

How will the story be? The Sky Blues How severe will you punish? Or will they immune from accusations again like. They had beaten Uefa before? have to wait and see which is expect to take up to a year.

However, this news can’t help affecting the situation of two rivals like Liverpool and Manchester United . It’s not the title forfeiture that many pages have circulate. That they could win three Premier League titles each if City are convicted.

But what will happen is that it may affect the buying-selling of clubs. Where the two teams are currently competing to manipulate the market price.

Liverpool’s current value reportedly tops £4bn, while rivals United could surpass £7bn if a deal takes place. Which is a huge amount of money, football fans would think only investors from the Middle East such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the UAE should be able to pay without problems.

When FSG announced the sale of the club. The Kop was hoping that an oil tycoon somewhere would take over the club. As well as the young ghosts. Who have been waiting for the Glazer family to leave the team for a long time, they are also hoping. That they will find a new owner with a huge sum of money like Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain. or even Newcastle

But with the City case emerging, the question arises: how can we sure these Middle Eastern funds won’t cause problems for Liverpool and Manchester United. If they actually takeovers?